Predictions NL West

The current projections for the NL West are as follows:

Dodgers: 94 – 68

Giants: 87 – 75

Rockies: 77 – 85

Diamondbacks: 77 – 85

Padres: 66 – 96

These projections were surprisingly close to last year’s overall standings. (The only somewhat large discrepancy was the Diamonds 69-93 record last year). The Dodgers offseasons moves pretty much kept the September roster intact, while the Giants and Rockies signed some big names including Mark Melacon and Ian Desmond. I think it’s incredible how we are projected to win more games than last year with the same roster. Health is the key variable this season and whether our outfielders can keep up their production. Kershaw is a huge boost to our regular and post-season success. I’m going to avoid freaking out about Seager’s back injury :/

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