Dodgers, Win

Opening Day Overreactions!

Will update as the game goes.

Congrats to Toles for making the roster and hitting leadoff. What a great, motivational story from grocery bagger to starting outfielder.

Kershaw looks great the first few innings. However, Seager’s error and a wild pitch let in a run. 1-0

Some smart batting allows Joc to hit a sac fly. 1-1

OMG Joc Pederson with the first papa slam!!! 5-1

And Grandal with another. Back-to-back! 6-1

KKKKershaw. Absolutely disgusting.

I feel so bad for the Padres…what a disaster for fans.

Our offense is so deep and explosive with Joc and Grandal as our 6th and 7th hitter.

Padres two way player takes a nasty slide by Toles :/

Puig’s plate discipline looks a lot better today too. Walk and Double so far.

Nice, Seager clears the fences with that NL Rookie of the Year power. 12-1

Kershaw gets caught with Ryan Schimpf taking him deep on a first pitch fastball. 12-2.

Dodgers get some good at-bats in the bottom of the 7th, but a baserunning error by Toles results in a TOOTBLAN 😦

Hatcher wasn’t terrible, but not great. Gave up a run off a long double. 12-3.

Grandal is so f*ucking good. Goes deep again from the other side of the plate. Who cares if it’s the Padres, we are winning the World Series this year. 14-3.



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