Dodgers, Loss, Win

7 Things from 7 Games

With a great opening series at the Padres and a rough one against the Rockies, the Dodgers sit at a comfortable 4-3 after the first 7 games. A small sample size is a dangerous batch to base generalizations off of, but it’s great to see some of the players really start strong.

  1. Logan Forsythe has been performing as I expected.
  2. Puig is off to a 2013 level start after fixing his swing.
  3. Gonzales and Turner are as consistent as ever when healthy.
  4. Kershaw has trouble at that blasted Coors Field.
  5. Seager still loves to swing early.
  6. Our rotation is going to keep us in games, but not win them.
  7. We suck hitting LHPs.

Regardless I’m extremely happy with how our offense is playing out. We have an amazing star-filled infield and a deep group of powerful outfielders. Roberts has been managing fairly well overall. The next series against the defending world champs will be tough, but we play to the level of our opponent usually. This roster has the potential to get a ring. Stay healthy!


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