Game Rev 6/13 – Cody Kills Cleveland

Yesterday, Cody Bellinger smacked two home runs in the series opener against the Indians. A huge home run by the rookie gave the Dodgers a win 7-5. He finished the night 3 for 4 with a walk and 4 RBIs.

Shockingly, Andrew Miller gave up one of those home runs and he was assigned the loss. The post-season pitcher still remains elite with a 0.55 ERA over 33 innings this current season.

With 2 earned runs and only 4 strikeouts, Kershaw’s seven-inning start was far from perfect. The Indians offense is strong, but we unfairly expect perfect starts from one of the greatest of all time. I think Kershaw needs to regain his slider command back before we see that consistent dominance. I am enjoying his experimentation with the arm slot because it adds a new dynamic to his game.

While players such as Kike and Forsythe (albeit he drew walks tonight) are slumping, our stars regain form. Corey and Turner both went 2 for 5. Puig belted an early two-run homer in the top of the 2nd to give the team momentum. Baez and Jansen both pitched perfect innings, while Chris Hatcher gave us a scare after giving up a three-run home run with a five-run lead before the frame.

The Dodgers look incredibly strong in the standings. Yesterday, the team took first in the division after a 2-5 Colorado loss to Pittsburgh.



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