Reflecting on the 2017 World Series

I’m not going to lie. For every Dodger fan, that was a hard World Series to process. After a great series of baseball, Game 7 sunk my heart. I had faith even down 3-2 that we would win those last two games at home.

Game 2 and 5 were really the turning points of the series. The Astros demonstrated that they weren’t going to quit even when down in the game. Game 2 we had an early lead and lost it due to some clutch hitting in the late innings. Taking that game for a 2-0 lead would have sealed the series I think with the way the teams were playing.

Game 5 was probably a top 5 World Series game ever in the history of the sport for a neutral fan. The leads were crazy. The comeback rallies even more so. It was a pleasure to be a part of that amazing game, but being on the losing side stings so hard. Kershaw didn’t pitch well. Neither side pitched well in fact. I wasn’t a fan of the constant home runs, as it sort of cheapened the experience whenever a ball went over the fence.

One could complain about Yu choking being the reason we lost, but no that’s not correct at all. We lost as a team. Houston played out of their minds with that sketchy bullpen. We play this series 100 times over. 50 times we win and 50 times they win. That’s how down to the wire it was.

I love my team. It still hurts to see us go out like that. But I have faith that we are strong mentally and this experience will lead us to a World Championship in the near future.

Going to enjoy the not-so-long offseason and think about what we need going into the next one. We’ll make some moves and we will retain our core. After the winter subsides and spring awakens, I can hear my favorite words roar in the stadium: “It’s time for Dodger Baseball!”



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