Offseason Targets

Although we got stomped by Boston in 5 games, I don’t see our team making too many changes. Getting a healthy Seager back next Spring means that signing Machado is not as huge of a priority. He also is a bit of an ass. Harper may be a target, but I feel he’ll go to the Yankees to max his chances of going to the World Series. We ain’t keeping Dozier, who was very underwhelming and some team will pay for him.

I’m hopeful about Verdugo, Urias, and Buelher really showing some stuff next year. Buelher has proved he a stud, and Urias looked great during the postseason.

1B: Muncy

2B: Taylor

3B: Turner

SS: Seager

OF: Puig, Kike, Bellinger, Kemp

C: Barnes (Maybe we can get Ramos?)

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